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Terhi Rannela

Terhi Rannela (born 1980) is a prolific, versatile, prize-winning Finnish author. She has published 17 works.  Her book about school violence, Taivaan tuuliin, has been translated into German with the title “Blown Away”.

Known for tackling difficult subjects, Rannela is one of Finland’s most read young adult authors. Recently, however, she has expanded her expertise and readership into the realm of historical fiction. Punaisten kyynelten talo (“House of Red Tears”) and Frau have been great critical successes.



Punaisten kyynelten talo should be translated into all the languages of the world for all people in the world to read.”

(Seppo Jokinen, Finland’s most loved detective story author)

“Jumping between time periods and traveling between objective events and subjective memories,  Frau is an incomparable work of literary art. While it  may be light on the surface, the subject matter and significance are profound.”

(Kari Salminen of the newspaper Turun Sanomat)

Frau is a breathtaking work!”

(Leena Lumi, Finland’s most popular blogger on books)

Punaisten kyynelten talo is also a good book, but Frau is even better. Rannela has found her full writer’s voice in Frau. I might just as well say it directly: Frau is a perfect book!”

(the blog Luettua elämää, a reader’s journal)

Translation: Jill Timbers